Mexican Customs Clearance (MCC)

The movement of goods across international borders is distinctive of successful companies, but government regulations and customs laws can complicate the process and make it tortuous.

The required documentation and paperwork can lead to delays, fines, and even the risk of cargo confiscation, which is enough to deter non-specialized companies of participating directly in international trade.

By partnering with Compass Transport your company can benefit from our thorough knowledge of the import / export process, our relationships with global operators, and a high quality personalized service, which all together will strengthen your participation in foreign markets.

Whether you export perishable items, vehicles, personal property or equipment from US & Canada into Mexico, our specialists can arrange the Mexican Customs Clearance for all your goods.

We will also:

  • - Investigate all aspects related to the  issuance of Customs Clearance Certificates
  • - Ensuring that the load is properly  packaged and labeled.
    Determining government restrictions,  taxes, and tariffs. Maintaining a clear and ongoing  communication with carriers.
    Preparing all documentation required in  the process.
    Purchasing insurance to protect the  shipments against loss, damage, and  delays.

Please fill out the form below to obtain the Mexican Customs Clearance. For each vehicle, the cost is US $150.

Mexican Customs Clearance will include:

  • North American CarFax report
  • Mexican Customs Tax Release Certificate
  • Mexican Emissions Certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance in Mexico upon entering

Note: Pls allow 5-8 business days to receive the Mexican Customs Clearance (MCC).

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